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The LM Series is a CO2 based Vector laser. Our range of wavelengths, as well as the flexible power and focal lens configuration, provides a performance ideally suited for coding on various packaging substrates including paper, cardboard, glass or plastics. An innovative cascading cover design supported by an efficient cooling air stream ensures a high level of reliability. The result is a very low electrical energy consumption and precise, clear coding even at small font sizes. Its small outer dimensions, as well as the powerful on-board control system, enable an easy hardware and software integration of the LM series into factory networks.


RX-SD160W printer

  • Compact single body space saving design for ease of mechanical integration
  • Low laser power and duty cycle translates to increased reliability and increased safety due to low operating temperatures
  • Dual casing structure provides additional protection for the laser tube and optics which ensures durability against harsh environments
  • Laser Tube and Optics are classified and rated to the degree of IP65
  • Optional lens air flow available to keep the focal lens in a clean condition


  • User-friendly interface: PC based or with an optional colour 10.4˝ Touchscreen
  • The beam expander technology creates a very small spot size transferring a high level of energy onto the substrate resultant in a high-resolution print
  • Wavelengths of 9.3um, 10.2um and 10.6um combined with various lens options allows for coding onto a wide range of substrates. All wavelengths are available in 10W and 30W
  • Flexible Input/Output connections, ease of integration, 12 programmable INPUTs and 4 programmable OUTPUTs


  • An electrical power consumption of <300 VA reduces the overall operating costs to a minimum
  • Highest print quality at a variety of production speeds using vector as well as Dot Matrix fonts with a user-friendly font editing tool
  • Powerful Windows Software available for networking, status control and for designing the text layout with True Type fonts, 1D & 2D barcodes and logo files

Applications & Screenshots

Printer specifications

Hitachi Series LM-C310S LM-C330S LM-C310P LM-C330P
Laser Technology CO2, Vector
Laser Power 10W 30W 10W 30W
Laser wave length 9.3µ (e.g. PET), 10.2 µm (e.g. OPP, PP, PE), 10.6 µm (e.g. Paper, Cardboard)
Coding Area (mm) / Spot size (µm)

60 x 60 / 385 (Standard)

75 x 75 / 506 (Option)

100 x 100 / 810 (Option)

100 x 100 / 972 (Option)

150 x 150 / 1296 (Option)

200 x 200 / 1660 (Option)

250 x 250 / 2213 (Option)

60 x 60 / 192 (Standard)

75 x 75 / 253 (Option)

100 x 100 / 405 (Option)

100 x 100 / 486 (Option)

150 x 150 / 648 (Option)

200 x 200 / 830 (Option)

250 x 250 / 984 (Option)

Red Aim Beam Pointer Standard (Red semiconductor, Wave length 655 nm, Class 2 Laser)
User Interface Coloured Touch Screen / PC
Shutter Automatic Electromachanical Shutter
Cabinet Protection IP 54
Communication Interface Ethernet, USB for Text and Backup Management
Weight 17 kg 25 kg
Dimension 196 x 148 x 698 (mm) 216 x 179 x 709 (mm)
Laser Status Signals Flexible I/O Configuration
Laser Status Indicator Ready (Green) / Laser (Blue) / Alarm (Red)
Power supply AC100 ~ 120V ± 10%, AC200 ~ 240 V ± 10% (50 / 60 Hz)
Power Consumption 300 VA 600 VA
Temperature range 5 ~ 40°C
Humidity range 35 ~ 95 %