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Hitachi Coding & Marking Solutions

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Hitachi Coding & Marking products are high quality robust printers and lasers, intended for industrial applications. The printer`s mode of operation is based on the Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ) principle. Hitachi provides up-to-date technology for highest reliability and precise coding. Possible uses range from the simplest applications, such as stand-alone date printing on food products, to complex applications in which printers can be integrated in a system of machines via a network connection.

UX Series

The new UX Inkjet printer is available in three models, Basic Entry Level, Flexible Standard and Premium. The UX Series features a new cartridge-type system, which makes ink replacement clean and simple. The Premium modesl uses the latest patented Hitachi technology, which incorporates a new fluid consumption reduction system, making it one of the lowest consumers of make-up available on the printer market. In addition all three models have a new, modern user interface with full colour 10.4 inch touch screen and icon based graphics.

RX2 Series

Product superiority, reliability and innovative technology are captured with our signature new generation Continuous IJ Printer.

RX Series

Building on a tradition of quality, reliability and performance the RX series introduces many new features which ensures it retains its leading position.

PXR Series

Low cost of ownership, high reliability and excellent efficiency have now been combined in printer series. The PXR series meets with the highest demands of the coding industry in terms of speed and performance. Finally the performance reserves of modern filling and packaging systems can now be utilised.

Inks and Solvents

Hitachi IJP can provide various type and color inks to meet all your requirements

LM Series

Explore Hitachi´s new robust and reliable CO2 laser system. The LM-Series is an compact and affordable system and comes in 10 or 30 watt power versions. Various lens options allow the coding of packaging substrates including paper, cardboard, glass or plastics.