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Printing on Cardboard Boxes

This diagram shows an example of printing on four-faces of a cardboard box. An advantage is that increased print distance can be set and quick drying ink can be used. This technique can be applied to printing on a paper where the ink is not easily absorbed into the paper because of the coating.

Printing on Paper Cartons

This diagram shows an example of printing on paper cartons such as milk, liquor or juice, etc. For long paper cartons, the carton is gripped on the sides to prevent wobble during transportation.

Printing on Packages Subjected to Moisture

After Tofu, etc, is packaged, the packages have water droplets or condensation on them, so they are pretreated and dried by blowers and dryers before moving to the printing station.

Automatic Printing on Cups by Movable Head

The diagram shows an example of an installation using a multi-row filling system. The head moves backwards and forwards and prints during filling or when it stops.

Printing on Wrapping Film

This is an example in combination with a Pillow Wrapper as shown in this diagram. The Rotary Encoder detects the speed fluctuations of the Pillow wrapper and prints accurately maintaining a constant character size.

Cup Labels Printing

The diagram shows an example of printing on cup noodles' packages, etc.

Printing on Small Packages

This diagram shows an example of printing on individual packages for cosmetics and medicines.

Pitch Print Marking on Steel Plates

This diagram shows an example of adapting the system for rolled steel plate manufacturer.
The system is used for pitch lot and scratch marking on steel plates.
This is a marking system compatible to a variable speed line from a few meters to 500 meters per minute.
A similar example is printing on colored steel plate.

Automatic Printing on Rolled Paper

The diagram shows an example of adapting the system to paper manufacturer.
The example shows printing on the side by moving the marking unit. It is done in this way because the rolled paper size is large.

Automatic Printing on Assembly Parts

This diagram shows an application of marking by the system on a circuit board.
The system conducts accurate printing on the multi-row and multi-stage board by moving the head of the ink jet printer.
This application is compatible for printing a multiple range of products for small quantity production.