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Hitachi Coding & Marking offers custom made solutions and worldwide service in well known high quality.

Nevertheless we relate ourselfs to the saying "seeing is believing". Therefore we kindly invite you to discover what lies behind our products.

Please find below case studies from interesting products in several industries, as well as a guide on the technology that Hitachi´s continuous inkjet printers use.

Case Studies

Besides high quality standards a deep understanding of the customers situation is necessary to provide perfect custom made solutions. Please find case studies from several industries.

Technology Explained

Since more than 40 years Hitachi Coding & Marking is creating innovative products in the field of Inkjet Printers. Take a look at the technology that lies behind our Inkjet Printers. 


Hitachi inkjet printers are capable of printing small, micro and large characters effortlessly on various surfaces without affecting the shape, material, line speed, angle or the position of a product or package.